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5 Important Questions To Ask a Wedding Planner

Planning the perfect wedding begins with selecting the right professionals! What many couples don’t realize is that when you book your wedding vendors, you will work with them for a long period of time. Therefore, it’s important to find the right vendors, especially a wedding planner that you connect with perfectly. Because we know the importance of selecting the right professionals, we wanted to share the top 5 important questions to ask a wedding planner. These questions will guide you in the right direction to find the perfect wedding professional to help you plan the event of your dreams! 

Continue to read as we share the top questions to ask when searching for a wedding planner!

5 Important Questions To Ask a Wedding Planner

Which Wedding Planning Package is Best for Me? 

When doing your research, you will find each wedding planner will have their own unique set of services with varying packages. Each package is created with services that are tailored to different client needs and requirements. From full event planning & design to day-of coordination, there is a range of services that work for everyone, and every price range differently. 

After you have found a wedding planner you are most interested in, be sure to ask which package is best for you and your schedule. Some couples will require an extensive package like a full planning package with multiple design meetings, venue tours, and vendor consultations. While other couples will only want a day of coordinator and need a few meetings with minimal vendor recommendations or design consultations.

Of all the questions for a wedding planner, we feel this one is most important as every package is designed to help clients differently. Our tip is to be as honest with yourself and your planner as possible. For some couples, conflicting schedules and personal life won’t allow them to plan so hiring a full-time planner is ideal, while other couples have a bit more time on their hands so a partial wedding planner or day-of coordinator is best for them.  Once your wedding planner has a full understanding of the scope of your schedule and your budget, they will be able to best recommend which package is better for you.

Have you planned a wedding at the venue that I have booked? (or are interested in!

It’s no secret that finding the perfect venue and the right wedding planner are so important in the planning process. This is because the venue will host the event while the planner will schedule and plan logistics. Knowing if your planner has worked at your venue before is important information to know. 

Planners tend to book their clients at various points within the planning process. Some couples will book the planner first thing and then book their venue subsequently. However, other couples will secure their venue and date first and then book their planner. This is because many venues require a wedding planner and some couples don’t know this until their venue hunt begins!

There are times that your planner may have not been to your venue, but that is okay! For example, if you are planning a destination wedding, there is a good chance that your planner has never been to your venue. If this is the case, don’t panic! With their professional experience and the use of modern technology with video conferencing, they can still plan your dream destination wedding. We believe it’s always better to work with a professional that you like and trust more than one that has worked at the venue but you simply just don’t click with.

Will you make suggestions or help us select other wedding vendors?

Another question to ask your wedding planner is regarding the selection of other key vendors for your event. Wedding planners aren’t just experienced in planning large weddings and events, they are proficient in relationship building and understand the value of other vendors’ work. In other words, they’ll know which vendor you should book based on your specific needs and wedding style. 

As mentioned previously, every wedding planner will offer different packages which feature different services. The reason this particular question is so important is that based on the wedding planning package you select, vendor scouting and liaison may or may not be available.

However, most planners are still available for referrals and recommendations for other vendors but it’s important to understand just how many resources they will share within the means of your chosen package. 

 Can you help with the design and inspiration process? 

While this question isn’t always thought of, we feel it’s an important question to ask. Hosting a wedding is more than just scheduling a location and date, it’s planning an immersive event with decor, styling, and a color scheme. For some planners, the design process is always a part of their planning process, for others, it’s not. Full event wedding designers will have a very specific process for their design and event ornamentation. Their process may include various meetings, mood boards, and sketchings to make sure your inspiration is assimilated perfectly.  

If the design process is just as important to you as the timeline and logistics, be sure to ask this question in order to understand how the event’s design and inspiration will be set about. 

5 questions to ask a wedding planner

Can you work with my budget?

The final important question to ask your wedding planner is can they work with your budget. When you are planning your wedding, it’s important to have conversations about the budget early in the planning phase. This is because it’s important to understand just how far your budget will take you. By starting the conversation early, your planner will be able to give you honest feedback for event you have in mind.

If they cannot work with your budget, that is okay! Most planners will have various solutions like recommending a day of coordinating package rather than a full planning package. In addition to this, they may refer you to another planner who can work within the means of your budget. 

Planning the perfect wedding begins with asking the right questions in order to find the right vendors. Although there are so many questions to ask a wedding planner, we feel these five questions will help you find the right wedding planner.

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